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I come from a poor background. I had to work very hard and take a lot of beatings to get where I am. I often took the wrong direction because I didn´t know better. I wish I would have had better orientation and knowledge about things that work and things that don´t. That´s why I write, because I know the struggle. Let´s help each other and share the knowledge. I want to see you strive. I hope my articles do their part.

Some details about me.

Turning companies into brands and sending brands into the digital fast lane are my strengths. 50 companies have now been analyzed, advised and strategically accompanied on their way to a holistic brand presence. Particular focus: cross-channel digital strategies and sound marketing analyses. I am of the pioneers of the German digital industry and was already building websites when most Germans had little more than a vague idea of the Internet.

Today, I am looking back on 20 years of consulting in digital marketing, have built up and successfully sold an agency and have been running my new company in Munich since 2015.

My Strengths? Clear communication, analytical thinking, passion for current developments in the digital marketing world, and tireless energy for my digital projects.